Car Crash Compilation August 2013 Russia

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New Car Crashes dashcam compilation August 2013 Russia. Driving in Russia, Car Crash Compilation. - Subscribe for more...


117fuzz says:

song at 2:58?

mthoooor says:

هههههههههههههه غششششمان

اسامة صالح says:

1:23 ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه يستاهللل

newgeorge says:

where did that COME from???

Zoltán Balogh says:

wtf? 2:18 :D:D:D:D:D xD thats amazing :p

AlchemistPure says:

Have you been to India? The reason they’re not on youtube is becuse they can’t afford cameras, like in Russia, but they’re waaaaay worse.

MrAdiabate says:

super geil!

MsJessie1952 says:

o.m.g what !!

marcin1630 says:

Tylko 4
Skok doskonały ale bez telemarka

Александр Фазылов says:

Fuckin u!

doubtforthedoomed says:

0:35 Suicidal Ninja driving car.

Vlad Muchauluck says:

подписка с меня )

retcapo says:

Most of these drivers are obviously driving under the influence of vodka. It cracks me up to see so many Russian cars rollover on their tops after the slightest impact. If you push a wasted drunk down on their back they have trouble getting up. Thre cars on their tops with four wheels in the air look like the car is wasted too, and can’t get up. LOL Don’t let Obama see this…he would want to give free insurance to all impaired drivers…if they would vote for his party.

Ricco3Dworld says:

Incredible video recordings, “Now I know, Here I will never drive a car”.
Thank you for the informative and great video, greetings from Vienna
thumbs up “141”

HighOctaneShows says:

2:29 Edward Snowden!

maria rosa Perez says:

Bellissimo Crash,mi e’ piaciuto moltissimo,felice giorno,devila

Seldomheardabout says:

Yea alot do because there are alot of scam artists.

2fast4upplz says:

do Russians normally record the car trips all the time :P

Manuk D says:

Fukin Russians

derekgar says:

where do you get your clips from man?

RDCST says:

Plain? They are complete square!!! :p

sweetjew says:

And the crash derby show still goes on…

Günther Hackfresse says:

viele denken jetzt bestimmt “ja, aber das spiegelt ja nicht den normalen straßenverkehr wieder. das ist ja nur ein ausschnitt.” FALSCH! bei den weißen niggern da geht es wirklich so zu. die haben zwar auch ampeln und schilder, aber keine sau hält sich daran. was glaubt ihr warum die alle kameras in den autos haben?!

Cash4Woody says:

This is not the whole clip. In the original video, you see how a woman is walking to the car, getting in and then this video begins here .. She was not drunk i think…

Maxnikif says:

3:33 The end :)

Terry Harpole says:

Thanks for adding me. I subscribed to  your channel too Thanks

Canard Riviere says:

0:33 OMG

M3n747 says:

Moral of the video: when in Russia, don’t drive your own car.

Dmitry Nik says:

I have the same question

Dmitry Nik says:

Old joke

TieDyeFTW says:

2:37 ……FUCK!

Владимир Краснов says:

ну так видео-то из России

TaroBaaap says:

Damn I’m still getting surprised every time I watch Russians car accidents some are unfortunate crashes but most of them are just plain dumasses behind wheel

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