Icy road car crashes

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Count them!!


Josh Wallie says:

U swear too much… It would be nice if I could show this to my kids with
out muting it.

Christopher711 says:

Where did this take place? Just judging by the amount of snow it looks like
a place where people should be a lot better at dealing with snow.

Bkeytx says:

This guys is too emotional.

Hubieee says:

Stupid fucker cant stfu? “Someone needs to tell them by the top”, but he
doesn’t. He prefers saying “This is terrible, oh fuck, this is your car? Oh
maaaan”… Idiot,…

RamBoZamBo123 says:

winter tires, anyone?

Bkeytx says:

Why are these people even out on the road?, you know the roads are bad, and
they go drive and crash, thats really smart.

Israel Alegria says:

Oooo may gaaaa 

HargiS2005 says:

Holy crapola!!!!

dirtbiker4lfe says:

Ow, I forgot, I should install my engine brake for this winter…

VolcomStoner94 says:

so who has to pay for that?

JoJoGunn1956 says:

How many voted for Obama?

ryancee7 says:

I agree, he would have probably made if he just kept going! That part made
me slap my head lol

Officer Cool says:

I meant on the ice stupid and yes on the hill have you ever driven in the s

QuadRider004 says:

Thats happens when you use your brakes or let off on a icy hill… lolololol

Bloodwake14 says:

Haha oh wow wish i owned a body shop there id be drivin a ferrarri thanks
to that day aha

David Schwab says:

awd and chains = go anywhere

SG55OVCam says:

You should close your door and tell your brother you have no interest in
his giant cock this evening.

zak15557 says:

So who payed for all that damage?

bladey1010 says:

Hey Finland, how about kiss our big American cocks!

Chronic Kush says:

shouldn’t of? LOL you mean shouldn’t have?

Gehenna71 says:

I don’t drive myself but I know once you go and have a grip you have to
keep your speed it and stay off the brakes or WHOESH! and there you slide.

David Schwab says:

his only problem was he let off the gas and stopped… fucking stupid on
his part

smasila says:

All you need is icy roads to bring this world to a screeching stop.

Captain Southbird says:

Around 4:20, the narrator says the wisdom I wish several of these drivers
had beforehand; if I saw cars spun out and stuck all over on a day like
that, I’d get the hint and not go that way!

Oskars R says:

i would suggest to brake with gears and not touching the brakes..

cccetomacrogol says:

I never liked curling anyway

Robert Polkamp says:

Think Florida people!

Gromitdog1 says:

Love how the small penis guy in the white ford pickup tries and fails

allusernamestaken01 says:

FORD + 4×4 = he THINKS he can.

jrjr143 says:


William Viera says:

So who’s fault is the crash?

Al Parsons says:

I applaud your attempt at communicating, but if there’s ice under the snow
it doesn’t matter what kind of tires are on your wheels. You will slide.

Gehenna71 says:

without the ‘it’ :)

nicksmith1971 says:

I met some americans last year who were actually quite clever and not like
this at all. They only said “Oh my God” two or three times a day and
managed to walk when it was clearly a bad idea to drive. So let’s not judge
a country by a a few million bad examples that got onto Youtube !

villho says:

American people tend to laugh at Russian traffic, but then again, Youtube
is full of this kind of videos…

Al Parsons says:

Of course he was. That’s what the unemployed do.

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