The World’s Worst Car Crashes 2

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The World's Worst Car Crashes 2 is a compilation video of some of The Worst Car Crashes Ever Seen On Camera! Like, Comment & Subscribe For More!!


jjorden1976 says:

Same sound effect for every crash. Should delete the audio and add music..

Mason Jensen says:

Move B**** Get Out The Way, Get Out Way

luckydoc22 says:

3:24 is the funniest. It’s like he’s saying,,”don’t skid don’t skid, I might miss him coming..Oh, I didn’

Idiot people are naturally the funniest….

Shane Mullins says:

It’s nice, if you close your eyes you can hear the same car crash every time :p

silkenrobe says:

oh the irony

47485ksc says:

Every video on Youtube is “other peoples” [sic]

47485ksc says:

Ben, I find the sound effects refreshing. Sure beats Death Metal or other crap music.
The Klaxton (aah-OOO-ga) horn was great. More of those are needed.
Good show.

ashley martinez says:

worst part is that no one comes outside to help you or something! people are so ignorant these days !

silkenrobe says:

the sound affects come with the videos that you used that have been compiled and posted by other YT users
These are so old, they should be dead
Can you not use your own videos or, at the very least, not steal other peoples?

mkiknazhh says:

most of the vids, no one rush to help them..

panomious123 says:

5:59 wtf he got up and just ran

william burk says:

wow that sounds awful

Roli MPunkt says:

driving a car in russia? obviously a very bad idea…

Taylor Heredia says:

Same old sound efffects

miniontm69 says:

Same awful sound effect for each clip. Lazy

kev540 says:

Bad sound effects

mejw1 says:

not to “criticizes” you but this is why the rating is shit in this video its now 115up-171down obviously the sound effect are not popular lol

Colin Johnston says:

In Soviet Russia car crash youuu…:)

merickful says:

Some of those were brutal!…perhaps some music next time.

TheMateoGames says:

I saw one video that ran over a person and died that son of a *****

Tony Soprano says:

i hate people when they get hit someone ran in front of my dads new car and my dad hit him so hard the guy broke his front bonet its unfair the guy he hit didnt even pay for breacking the car

Dongdot123 says:

Some of them are not even braking !

Alexandria Garcia says:

At 5:12 it’s so funny lol

chris bushell says:

Good video but the same effects over an over we’re pissing me off lol

JustRockinit says:

Geico has their hands full. I think I saw Mayhem running from the scene.

Ida Nilsson says:

Just when you thinking “theres people in the cars” ugh..

SevenFootPelican says:

The worst car accident ever captured on film is by far “Nissan Navara snow car crash” that occurred in Russia in February of 2012. Look it up on YouTube.

Rod Williams says:

Totally agree, most of this shit is lame by comparison.

RYANof2000 says:


XxtheknexguyxX says:

i dont know about you guys but the on at 155-158 just made me laugh “tire screech crash eehhhhhhhhhhhhhtt dunk” lol


When i drive my car i trow a ballastic vest and riot shield.

adelaar1000 says:

Russians drink too much vodka!!!! 

milliemessi says:

Blah blah

uttueveru says:

69 videos

carcrashes2016 says:

moscow – Russia :)

Hell IS Here36 says:

Lol they dont give a shit to others

Drew Watson says:

Preferably brakes first and no horn (it’s redundant).

Drew Watson says:

Hardly the “World’s worst”. Try checking out a few Russian or European car crashes.  These are fender-benders by comparison.

ameenuk2000 says:

i think they need to introduce brakes in russia

Doughbodyboy says:

damn i just watched like 6 deaths… roug

Aaron Gentry says:

Holy hell, I wonder if these people in these accidents are still alive

mrbobcanfly9 says:

in india if a car accident occur…u get an immediate help by the public itself…but i cant see any help help in this video

47485ksc says:

Good sound effects! Need more a-oo-gah horns and maybe a cow bell or two.

Mlgdragon2 says:

In usa car crashes you O.O

Nathan Twiford says:

hey assholes at least this guy makes vids for you you shit faced nerds out there. id like to see you say that to his face.>:O

stoned2308 says:

notice that all of then horn and then brake if they try to brake first and horn after may save some phone calls to the insurence

truthpig says:

I’ve learnt from this video – when your light goes red, it might be a good idea to stop……

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