The World’s Worst Car Crashes

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Here Is A Compilation Video With Some of The World's Worst Car Crashes Ever Caught On Camera! Like, Comment & Suscribe For More And Check Out And LIKE My Fac...


CalmDownJustAGame says:


minecraftmaniac9000 says:

Thats horrible. :'(

Matt Carius says:

Yeah the one at 0:44 has gotta be the worst, theres nothing left

xrhstos2121 says:

0:41 RIP

Rasmus Hesselbäck says:


Matei Bloo says:

How can U hit like?

hellokitty6766 says:

I’m crying

Kenny Culbertson says:

2:13 head on collision

Filip-Lazar Chindris says:

real life GTA

Sam H says:

We watched this video in drivers ed

Alex Reyes says:

0:44 was a chase against some teens with meth in the truck there fault :l

tutu200205yahoocom says:

I will like to say R.I.P

Stargirl1780 says:

1:15 made me cry

Stargirl1780 says:

1:55 made me laugh!

Connor Doogan says:

R.I.P. everybody

TheCaballero1964 says:


Zach King says:


Deoxus5023 says:

Well yeah… usually when there is a helicopter following them it’s a police chase.

Avery Balaskovitz says:

1:09 R.I.P.

Karl Wilger says:

2:14 he is lucky

Karl Wilger says:

1:30 RIP

townace957 says:

0:44 were criminals i saw it on worlds wildest police vidoes

AK POWER says:

Dude u copied another video

yourmum2356 says:

00:28 RIP

Callbutt House says:

fuck trucks we need slow trucks

Callbutt House says:


jonathan forward says:


Julien Matuszak says:

great music

MrCanYouSeeMeNow56 says:

1:14. That person walking..

Blake Watson says:

Wat da shitz

Dylanrare123 says:

That was sad. sorry for the people who died. R.I.P

jonathan veras says:

R.I.P to the people who died in the crashes in this video

Marco Esters says:

dat shit was crazy

Abraham venegas says:

Ive seen this video before with better quality and were the car is curved because of the impact goes around him and he actaully survives.

Liam Foley says:

1:55 just walks away lucky guy

cove phillips says:

Saw a BUNCH of people die………….depressing

ASH G says:

0:51 poor guy

ASH G says:

Oh my GAWD 0:31 poor people did not survive

Gaatneet says:

Acturly, this guys was on some tv show. He survived it.

On the show they reconstructed how he got to survive the crash. He survived it because of the dent that gets put in the car when the two meet.

dimonicish says:

there was a fucking car on top of him

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