Worst Car Crashes Ever!

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The worst crashes ever to have occured. It includes burned car's aswell, i acknowledge that. These crashes are all very fatal, and in most situations, the dr...


chuck norris says:

what no one realize that i was the one that kicked those cars

katzobeat says:

i bet 9 out of 10 of those crashes people died

JB Brooks says:

That Lamborghini Gallardo was burned and it didn’t just happend the peeps crushed it at the car yard

VideoGamesforHalo says:

Car crashes not crashes

TheBatman3839 says:

weird crash

angrybirdsperfect says:

My god look at the Gallardo

vicky123467 says:

it sucked sorry

jaffacake1578 says:

@djally21, the car wrapped round the post is not a Ford.

djally21 says:

that one crash where the ford is wrapped around the light pole is in South Africa I saw this crash live….unfortunetly do not have a vid

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