Hell Roads – Tail of the Dragon

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Faith Tripp-Roberts says:

Definately overdramatized, but a GREAT ride!

victor negrete says:

She your racing down there its not about going as fast as you can it’s about taking on the curbs slowing down and turning this ain’t need for speed boa

RagingWhiteman says:

They should keep semis off this road. Makes me not want to make a trip because of a semi drive thinking its a short cut. Wtf!

Kristy Edwards says:

Better than any roller coaster!

Kristy Edwards says:

Rode this several times this weekend with husband on our 1300 V-Star ..luckily saw no semi-trucks or wrecks.

DJFireUSA says:

Moved here just to enjoy this road more

michalsiek88 says:

I was there! It’s crazy road!

lucky51762 says:

Just slow Doooooowwwwwwnnnn!!

Turco949 says:

If I had a few months to live, then I might consider riding this highway to hell listening to AC/DC’s Highway to Hell.

WarrantedFaith says:

That’s in reference to intersections. It’s different when you’re talking about blind turns on a mountain road that wasn’t built with trucks in mind in the first place. There are many roads in these mountains that trucks are not allowed down, and the dragon should be one of them.

onebigkahuna69 says:

I’ve been down it in a 26FT boxtruck and that wasn’t any fun and it was in the middle of july.

Anon Ymous says:

Good luck :-) have fun

Coolkid112100 says:


65jordyboy says:

Gonna ride this on a cruiser with my dad Saturday already been through it in a car pumped!!

stewartx5 says:

Actually, trucks do indeed have a right to cross into neighboring lanes and similar to facilitate their travel on the roadways. In fact, if you take a look at your drivers handbook (a state-issued publication), you’ll see it contains warnings to car and motorcycle drivers about trucks and buses routinely making wide turns and similar.

Kalashnikov Cortez says:

Low death toll? This stretch of 11 mile road average almost 3 deaths/year. That’s 1 death every 4 months, for an 11-mile road. I know a lot more highways and freeways jammed packed with cars during rush hours that don’t average 1 death every 4 months.

Packersrulealways says:

Trucks don’t have the right to block oncoming lanes, if there’s no way to avoid that with sharp corners, then they gotta go. Take your own advice there, sir.

SGTJDerek says:

Trucks are banned and Tenn. even closed it for a while. Not far on the Carolina side there is another road that is actually longer with more turns. Just a little wider as it didn’t start out as an Indian trail.

SGTJDerek says:

Rode that beast 2 years after I got my first bike. Was there with my Pop and a few friends. All of us on Cruisers. They were a lot faster than me. I was just enjoying the scenery and the ride.

BikerBoyCB900C says:

that road should be banned to 18 wheelers signs posted a turn around made if need at the ends. that road is unsuited for such vehicles.

stewartx5 says:

Of course, banning trucks may not be so easy. Truckers have rights too. Further, to restrict commerce (commercial travel), there must be a compelling reason (road surface won’t support weight, residential neighborhood, etc) which cannot be resolved less intrusively. So, in this case, more signs warning of trucks, lower speed limits, more cops, or even speed cameras (boo, hiss) could just as easily result instead. Since we wouldn’t like that, it may be better to JUST SHUT UP.

Radient001 says:

Because the signs would tell them it is banned before they get to it…plenty of places to turn around before you get to it.

Radient001 says:

Exactly, it is a great rode, lots of fun…just don’t overdue it…respect the rode and know your limits…if you can’t do that do us all a favor and don’t come.

MrGreenjeep97 says:

This is WAY over dramatized, as is most everything with the “Discovery” Channel. Trucks are now banned on the NC side. The death toll is extremely low in comparison to how many ride/drive this road each year. The biggest concern is the over marketing of this area, making it an overpopulated tourist trap.

TurboXtr3me says:

holy shit,this road is not for pussies!

stewartx5 says:

Did you even listen to the video? It specifically said that once truckers, directed by their GPS devices, enter this road, there’s no way to turn around or turn back. Based on that unpredictable, and then unavoidable, situation, how can you realistically (legally) fine truck drivers or take away their licenses? Not going to happen.

Wiser InTime says:

I bet this is going to get some negative comments and heat but here it goes anyway. Banning semi trucks at the dragon is a good idea but if there was a realistic way to do to it they should ban folks who treat public roads like they were private race tracks. Reasonable people should admit that the true source of the danger at places like The Dragon or Mulholland Drive are many (but not all) of the sportbike riders, sports cars drivers, other speed addicted folks, thrill seekers and wanna-bees.

joe reyes says:

I was just at the Dragon 2 weeks ago… End up crashing my R6 and very fortunate to walk away unharmed and tell stories about it… as far as the bike goes, it went off the mountain.

DerMetzger says:

Done the dragon 17 times now. Ill be there next week for #18. Officially my favorite place in the entire country.

DerMetzger says:

I just think they should ban Semis from the dragon.

ylism says:

They do, most everywhere in NC & TN there are signs telling of the danger, and for Semis it’s a no go. I have seen many of them.

dmackey828 says:

There is NOT enough room for a Semi with trailer to drive this road and NOT cut off any or all of the other lane.

rooftopvoter says:

Ban big rigs from the dragon. That makes to much sense though.

Craig Schulz says:

The road won’t kill you, the people riding stupidly will!

Jimmy Hoffa says:

Say it brother! Damn “gov” forcing you to keep your rig in one lane at a time. Damn “gov”! Speaking of incompetence…. Outlaw trucker.. ROFLMAO!!!!!

walter mann says:

it was hard enough in a box truck wouldnt want to try a semi but they need to put signs while u can still turn around

ehamedi says:

I was just going to check my atlas too…I am an owner operator, and I value my equipment too much to go down a road that is hazardous for motorcycles!

CJ Par says:

Scott,,,,outlaw trucker? Most of you know your way around a diner more than the roads. It’s drivers like you that give trucking a bad name,,,,lol.  Apparently you drive a bakery truck for a living. Get off your attitude!

communistwoman says:

1:55 you’re telling me idiots drive like fast and the furious on roads they have never been on before? took me two years of driving before I started pushing my limits, and another year after that before I started pushing my car’s. Drove on a beautiful strip of road 30+ times before I started using what I’ve learned. Skill means nothing when it comes to a road, its your understanding and knowledge of the road.

Scott Graham says:

I’m an outlaw trucker from Arkansas and drive and ride the roads in the Ozarks and I’m tellin ya Tennessee you incompetent law makers that fuck with us everywhere else in your strict ass road law state ban trucks from this road are you serious? Wake up dumbass gov.

montegod7ss says:

Living 30mins from there has its advantages. I enjoy driving my MS3 through it, but wouldn’t want to take a bike. Running yourself off the road is one thing, but getting ran off the road by a semi is another. They should have them completely banned from there with a turn-around at each end so they aren’t forced into it once they get close.

fordshogirl says:

Definitely on my bucket list! Just hope the list doesn’t end here! :)

bubbiesdad says:

Ans the same fine could go for motorcycle riders who pass in no passing zones or go over the speed limit. Done.

draco47man says:

I’m going on my bike next week. And tho I drive a truck I wouldn’t want to down this road

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