The tail of the dragon

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one of my favourite songs...It's my own mix...we all now it's not a big deal....but it's sounds pretty good..... I think ;) Two things: -if you don't like sl...


Driftenby says:

Really liked this. Great array of Bikes and obviously a hell of a road to ride, half your luck.
Thanks for sharing.

killuminati8119 says:

I usually get pissed when someone posts pictures when you expect a video but that was actually ok.( the music helped too)

nashmaster17 says:

make a music video without bikes if ur using youtube to promote a song thats horrible anyways this was a waste of my time you owe me 10 seonds of my life back

moorvog i says:

1:47, dig in with your elbow, not your ass.

c90395398 says:

There’s no way the guy at 3:13 makes it

Sebastiaan Kroon says:

i dont give a damn shit about this pictures.. but the music was good ;’D. Ur comment is the same as i say, who the fuck wants ur opinion? well, the people who read it.

randalljames1 says:

Isn’t there another DVD out yet? I already own this one..

joejoeclamp says:

lol the guy at 0:59 who tried keepin up with a supermoto on a bend……lmao

Stadt101 says:

so weres the fucking video?

Jeff Gordon says:

what’s up with the orange tires at 2:20 and 2:37?

Jesse Stephenson says:

I like that fighter jet paint job on the bike near the end.

TheMIxMasterrr says:


Figgs313 says:

I KNEW IT! lol woop woop!

bdysntchr7 says:

Haha yes it is.

Sam09650 says:


nightmonkay2 says:

A slideshow, just what I came here for!

jarhead2100 says:

still an amazing vid and the greatest driving song ever

RosettaStoned804 says:

Waste of time. “Its about the music”? The GD song is worse than the slideshow. FAIL

John Smith says:

I hate music and slide shows on youtube. What do they think it does to the video. Makes it stink.

hamiyjton rebua says:

amo minha susuki de 650cc

hamiyjton rebua says:

experimentei e ja me apaixonei

hamiyjton rebua says:

essa e minha droga

evolover999 says:

1:52 The fucking grill of the truck just makes it worse lmao! Come around the corner and see that..

touristguy87 says:

it’s still useful…in my opinion all of the riders at 0:55 are using extremely poor technique.
It just pains me to see those front wheels so close to the edge of the tread, the bikes themselves so late in the turn.

Just goes to show that you can get away with riding like crap if you ride slow enough.

JFizoust says:

1:52 Oh hell no! Time for a clean pair of pants.

matao87 says:


calfan3 says:

thank you!!!

bowhunter656 says:

cbr 900rr

missnyareyes says:

music sounds much better with volume on MUTE. :) I’m inspired to go knee dragging in jeans, looks like all the cool kids do it. lmao.

pikero15 says:

the cardigans - my favorite game

MrCompooky says:

The section from 0:10 through 0:23 used several times sounds exactly like music from a Gran Turismo game.

TotalDesignZ says:

I like the pics and the song :)

calfan3 says:

00:45 what kinda bike is that ?? (the yellow one in front of the viper)

ezdefos says:

it’s the song…monkey boy

ezdefos says:

hahaaa….finally I got back my account :)

you tube is not for stupid comments either….it is a slide show…who cares about the pictures monkey boy…it is the music that is important here.
Man UP! and stop bitching.

Figgs313 says:


Daniel Costa says:

Not for slide shows… but this one is damm nice

Lucas Novaes says:

so we’re two!

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