ZX10R Lowside Motorcycle Crash

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Vice-Grip repair job saves the day. Rider was OK. Accident March 12th, 2011 オートバイのクラッシュ Motorcykel 摩托车事故 de accidentes de motocicleta تحطم دراجة نارية ชนรถจั...


violentjett says:

ZX10s are junk.

aprujean says:

You lean off more, so that the bike can stay upright while maintaining the same centre of gravity. Upright bike = tires have larger contact patch and you’re less likely to scrape a footpeg. 

Tyler Wolstenholme says:

Love your vids! Keep up the good work!

EliteGeeks says:

Clearly the Photographers are putting sand on the road… or its not a RACETRACK

Jonathan Skvoretz says:

So if I’m learning correctly from these videos, the correct position would be for the rider to lean in instead of using the bike entirely so that they will have more ground clearance with the same center of gravity. Is this correct?

Noel127 says:

From what I can tell from the video is that he didn’t shift his center mass, he remained in the center position while attempting to lean into the corner which resulted in him being unbalanced and resulted in loss of traction.


Mulholland Drive, “The snake”

mattpkp says:

His weight is to far forward. You need to sit back and to the inside, not smash your balls into your tank. You can’t really judge a persons throttle control from a video though. The common problem with this turn is people rush into it to fast, and then attempt to coast around it.

derg29 says:

There are a lot of things, but vision is his greatest flaw. I recommend the Total Control course if you really want to know how to take that corner.

MaximIsABoss says:

Mullholland drive, California :)

camtwan1 says:

I think he could have moved a little out, and not so in the middle

senallttam says:

His buttcrack should be right on the edge of the seat, upper body should be more off to the inside of the turn along with his head, which should be positioned as if he is trying to “kiss himself in the mirror.”

Dee CapitateSpammers says:

WTF. His body is leaning with the bike. People are saying he has to do more than that??

Could this be from rear brake?

maclafm1252 says:

He didn’t have enough of his body weight off of the bike. He was leaning with the bike instead of leaning with his body. You can see that his head and upper body were still over the tank which means that he had to lean more with the bike which caused him to lose grip in the rear wheel. If he leaned off of the bike more he could have kept the bike more upright and keep more grip in the rear tire.

busa boy says:

I love the way he sat there for awhile and let it all soak in lol

Barry van Oosten says:

Not leaning of the bike means the bike will have to go steeper to make the same corner. If you lean off (shifting the center of gravity) the bike can be more upright so the tyres have more contact/more grip

Barry van Oosten says:

not completely correct, accelerate as soon as your bike is turned in, can be even before apex, but very gently. That way, there is a little more weight on the rear tyre, which is bigger so has more surface contact. (If you don´t beleve me ask Keith)

Nabil Ferdouh says:


jlloyd2004mcs says:

Nice use of the needle-nosed vice grips!!

dwidep says:

leaning off of the bike, but leaning center mass back towards the seat. Check out twist of the wrist if you want to learn good body position. You should try to kiss the mirror in turns to keep your mass on the outside of the bike and help counter balance in the turns. Keith Code is a magician when it comes to teaching riders

SoulDalto says:

Gravel road… end of story… sand….

darcofenix says:

The rest of your life you never forget that sound of your bike scratching to the road.

Graeme Vermeulen says:

Nothing really, he accelerated a little too hard and the centre of gravity shifted suddenly to the back causing his front wheel to lift slightly. Smooth throttle, accelerate as you come out not during.

MegaScumbucket says:

I actually can’t see a lot wrong with what he did, Sometimes these things happen and that’s why you should wear leathers!

Kishan Solanki says:

im not an expert or anything but i believe that his head wasnt out far enough and it was tucked under his windshield

FaultyLife says:

The Snake, Mulholland Highway, CA

FaultyLife says:

The thing that looks wrong to me is that his whole but is still on the seat, you should have at-least a but cheek off when this far over.

michaelthepsycho says:

His upper body is still at the screen. BUT, at this lean angle, there’s really not much room anyway. Just ran out of tire I guess. Lots of professional riders ride crossed (SOMETIMES) as well; they’re just… Professional.

SuperM1998 says:

mulholland (:

Ali4skyline says:

He is not hanging off one cheek. Not hanging off enough and compensating by leaning the bike more equals this lowslide. Period.

rayshon says:

Thanks for flooding the page with even more armchair analysts.

Second Shoah says:

Mulholland Highway in California, this channel is dedicated to it

Ashprr says:

Maybe he leaned too much..

UndertheBus1 says:


UndertheBus1 says:

Nothing. Looks good trying to steer a huge relic.

UndertheBus1 says:

Wrong. Too fast to make the turn. Lean angle is eminent failure.

UndertheBus1 says:

He had the balls, not the brains. He has knee pucks and could have easily saved it IF he knew how to use the pucks to stand it back up with less throttle. His lean angle was far too great as well as his speed to make the turn. The tires are the worst for a guy who has the ability to go fast and well the bike just never really handled well period.

littleleeds1960 says:

guess he just wanted to hear his sliders ,gotta get your butt off the seat more ,not that getting a knee down on public roads is a great idea ,but fun !!

Qwerty97Germany says:

Mulholland – America
Rest: Google Map’s ;D

dickmorriss says:

How on earth do you catch so many accidents on the same corner? Don’t people know how to ride there?

Drake14161337 says:

To me it looks like his hip is out too much compared to his shoulder.

trovaoazul2011 says:


noflippingwayman says:

Idiots, they are probably in America and got confused by a corner

Ero Nini says:

Too slow to be leaning that hard. Needed to hug the tank a bit more too. At least he didn’t pussy out and panic.

requiem4sorrow says:

What makes you say that?

penhsou says:

this guy know how to fall

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