Insane Truck Driver Crashes Headlong into Police Car and is Killed

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The World's Wildest Police Videos is back and the drivers are just as crazy as ever. Check out this one police chase video where this crazy pickup driver col...


334cobra says:

cop shoulda moved….

Don Robertson says:

See how the cops drug him off to the side… That’s where they made sure the mother fucker was dead!!

Indianmalujl says:

Stop chasing ! Putting everyones life at risk.

scottieman12345 says:

i live where that happend

Sew Sumi says:

Throwing him out of the car like that probably killed him. Whiplash and broken necks and all that shit, lol.

raphaela ratzlaff says:

that’s the most insain thing i ever heard of in my life

bigtaylorgang says:

Damn! That was intense! My heart is still racing from when the two cars collided with each other.

Drake Parton says:

Wow he wont stop

68jacen says:

Sure he didn’t die from being mishandled. How many police officers does it take to drag a limp body from a vehicle?

AutZentus says:

This is why all people need to be smart on the road and not be so full of themselves.

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