Trucking accident or semi truck wrecks in Australia: with talking

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Talking & photos: We drive hundres of miles through the outback of Australia to recover trucking wrecks and tow them back for our customers... WebSite http:/...


brenics77 says:

thank you for taking the time mate

HermanToecutter says:

Good video, you do a great job. Keeping the country rollin cobber.

kwpowerluva says:

Turning room there wld be no intimidation only gratitude! Momentum is a truck drivers best friend so don’t slow it down cheers!!!

kwpowerluva says:

Listen to all the know it all car drivers! Yeah truck drivers are paid earning a living while driving, imagine I stepped into your office and slowed your progress by two hours a day,trucks are calibrated (the majority) to 100 cars aren’t calibrated so if a truck wants to overtake you just move over don’t hover in lanes beside other vehicles the rule is keep left unless overtaking. You say truck drivers are arrogant and we intimidate you! if moved outta the friggin way and gave us plenty of turn

trollingtrolo says:

truck drivers are to blame directly and indirectly the cause of all accident, as well as accidents when trucks are never at the scene until after the fact.

fenton53 says:

hi would you have any pics of a crash at crystalbrook sa 1991 with 2 kenworths head on one was a green and white w model???

wazwazz37 says:

To all those who feel tough criticising truck drivers….spend a day in Sydney with me.

TheWholefoodfarmacy says:

Great vidio

cheekybugga67 says:

chilling & sad as all accidents are

Peter Young says:


johnny6202 says:

imowtflo – couldn’t agree more. I spend a fair amount of time on the road and regularly get intimidated by trucks who think the road is for their personal use and screw everyone else.

It is also true that cars cause crashes. HOWEVER most people that drive cars are not paid to do so. ALL truck drivers are paid to drive the trucks and as such they should show some regard to the rules of the road and other road users.

wabbles323 says:

imowtflol my father is a truck drivingi can fucking prove to you cars spend more cutting trucks off and thats half the reason y trucks roll because of stupid car driving that just cant wait behind

rachie0rache says:

imowtflo not every truck driver is the same if you have never driven a truck you need to shut your mouth alot of cars cause truck crashes to. these blokes are only trying to feed there familys with the rta or cops trying all the time to take money off them. doctors can work 20 hrs a day so do i really have to say anymore. to all the drivers out there keep the dream alive and shiny side up . a tow truck driver can work 24 hrs but a driver can only work 12 lol ….

imowtflol says:

Most truck drivers are rude arrogant pricks who use their size to intimidate cars into letting them through. They think they are invincible and will always come off best.
This video proves how wrong that is. Yes you can die driving in a truck.

Robert Burton says:

Its sad but it happens my hat’s off to the drivers and you worse yet when somthin happens like this and you get away without any injurys the company blackballs you however they wernt the ones driving!!!

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